The only way is up

Do you have a great innovative idea for a startup, but no idea how to run a business?

We (Marjolein Diks | Dikscommuniceert and Rob Hannot | Partner in Business) decided to work together and founded Startupinbusiness BV to help innovative startups become successful entrepreneurs. Because it energizes us to work together with enthousiastic startups that want to make their idea scalable and profitable and who are determined to build their own business. We are both highly-knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs with extensive business networks. Marjolein Diks is a Public Speaking expert and a specialist in communications. Rob Hannot is a finance & organisation expert and business specialist. We work closely together with entrepreneurs in our network who have additional skills and expertise to enable the startups to develop and reach their goals as quickly and effectively as possible.


Start -Up-Lifting!

Met ingang van 27.03.20 gaat het initiatief 'START-UP-LIFTING' op Linked In van start.
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The only way is up